Upon the Tourney Field

Upon the Tourney Field
by Lord Thomas Whitehart

The 11 battles of Sir Sven Orfhendur
Crown Tourney, 2006

Upon the tourney field, some must win, and some must yield
We who fight, in inspiration, seek not gold, nor conquer nation
Breathing deep we lift our shield, hope within us deeply sealed
Carry your honor there.

Sir Sven is a gentle man, lightning and thunder, in his left hand
Sir Kolfinna’s beauty in armor bright, knows what it is to win and fight
Rare are two, in battle bound, kenning deep the shield walls sound
Carry her favor there

Eleven battles, warriors proud, Eleven battles proclaimed aloud
We bow, and show our chivalry, but you will end on bended knee.
Quietly watching is the crowd, the sun looks on without a cloud
Carry your spirit there

Killian, meet’s Sven upon the green, Ceridwen watches the battle scene
A Baron, leads Sven to a deadly dance, Sven shows that alas perchance
This time, this place, in blows swift and clean, a different step, deadly keen
Carry your knowledge there

The next warrior stands Ever Ready, to carry the battle strong and steady
Like waves crashing upon the shore, turning boulders to pebbles and more
A beacon of light, his proud Marie, Alas Sir Sven has foundered thee
Carry your passion there

The bruises and lashings stand for nought, for now he faces Ravenscroft
Baron and Knight, waiting for one mistake, each inch of land, Sven must take
Fair Jimena, in Rhys’s every thought, Sven carries the day, but dearly bought
Carry your faith there

Battles start to blur and blend, heralds call out once again,
The day grows ever longer, the foemen now are stronger
Proud Kolfinna at his side, lending strength with quiet pride
Carry her love there

Yet another knight stands fast, Sir Patrick the gate which he must pass
A Celtic sword, does weave it worst, and bruise follows bruise upon the first
Kara’s favor fills Patrick’s pride, but Sven brings death upon his hide
Carry your power there

Now a fellow Viking awaits thee, dragon-son, Snorri Snafarri
Viking death and Viking Steel, upon this grass a wyrd shall steal
Sea Daughter, Rannveig, holds thy rune, but Sven, alas holds thy ruin
Carry your dream there

A former king, wrapped in honor, inspired by his fair Adrianna
Crafts a poem most devilish fair, and strikes the sloth within it’s lair
Dietrich stretches, metre and rhyme, Sven finds the moment just in time
Carry your nobility there

Both dressed in the greens and blacks, Both left handed are their attacks
Sven faces a different foe, and deadly fast, is his blow
Sir Edward, surely wins the round, for he also reaches for the crown
Carry your tenacity there

Undaunted, back to the field, awaits a knight with Moorish steel
Ashraf al Mansur stalks and spins, but Sven is ready once again
Safiya trills battle elegant, most nobly done, and without lament
Carry your humility there

Gamel the lion, the hammer of war, brings all thy skills to the fore
Danyel his Lady, his very breath, inspires him to bring thy death
Ripostes and parries go on for days, he does not see the blow that slays
Carry your skills there

Sven comes to the final round, and who stands on the killing ground?
Sir Edward Sinestre “the Battle Boar”, fury meets fury, and passions soar
Kolfinna and Mora, must endure, both are warrior ladies, and the battle unsure
Carry the moment there

Now’s the moment, now’s the time, without thought, the blow sublime
A moment of silence, then roars crowd, then in thy arms, thy lady proud
Mora and Edward gently bow down, Sven and Kolfinna shall wear the crowns!
Carry our dreams there!