King’s Name removed by request
Chamayn of Castile

Her Majesty Chamayn
Reign #56  AS-XL (40)
Nov 12, 2005 – Jun 3, 2006
List of Awards Given























Lord Davin Mac Alister of Drakesheight




Lady Elspeth Charissa aus Reinwald




Baroness Jeanne Marie Lacroix




Captain of the Royal Guard
Sarpedon of the Myrmidons




Royal Garb Coordinator
Duchess Natalya DeFoix








King’s Champion
Queen’s Champion – Armored Combat
Queen’s Champion – Rapier
Queen’s Champion -Youth Combat
Queen’s Champion – A&S
Queen’s Champion – Archery
Queen’s Champion – Thrown Weapons
Queen’s Champion – Equestrian
Queen’s Champion – Youth Archery




Preferences & Wishes
King’s info removed by request

There is to be NO ROSEMARY at any event at all. Please make certain that there is no rosemary present in any food, beverage, or gift prepared for or presented to Their Highnesses. Thank you.

Harken back, all ye good gentles of Caid to a time of Myth and Legend, an Age of Heroes, when a Greek King won a Persian Bride and brought peace to warring lands. Well did They rule for a time; but there were those in His kingdom that resented a Persian ruler and those in Her kingdom that saw Her ascension to the throne as little more than a decorative captivity. Though they distrusted each the other, the two factions found common ground in their desire to dissolve this union.

The Greek dissenters smuggled the Persian insurgents into the capital and, under cover of dark night, the Persians stole into the palace and kidnapped the Queen. The King, who had been away on campaign, returned mere days later and his wrath was terrible to behold. Though tired from campaigning, His army shared the King’s affront and they prepared to march once more.

The King would need to move quickly to try and intercept the foul brigands that had stolen His Queen, so He took with Him only 100 of his best Hoplites. They chased the insurgents to a walled city at the edge of the desert. The King knew he was ill-equipped to lay siege to the city but he had a plan. During Their reign, They had accumulated more baskets than the King could easily count. He sent for the baskets and disguised Himself and His men as a merchant caravan selling baskets, blue glass and dried herbs.

Once inside, the King and His men secreted themselves until after nightfall. Under cover of darkness, they stole inside the building where the Queen was being held and slew many of the conspirators. The rest, however, escaped to join the desert tribes where they continue to hide out. The King, now united with His Queen, returned home and, together, They swore that They would hunt down the rest of the conspirators though it may mean declaring was on the desert tribes.

In the interim, They rested their army until the desert sun would not beat down quite so hard and the time was right for war.


Preferences & Wishes
HRM Chamayn of Castile

Likes:  Prefers healthy foods that can be eaten easily by hand & on the go.
Dislikes:  spicy food; tomatoes; onions and sitting down to meals.

Likes:  Vanilla coke; Southern sweet tea; Arizona tea; Pineapple juice


Middle Eastern (Ghawazee dress/coats, Turkish, Persian Coats); Dance Garb;
Fitted & flowing feminine styles; Middle Eastern Shoes/Boots – Size 6
Women’s (her size does vary, so if an artisan were to make shoes,
she would like to be measured, please contact the Chamberlain).

Ancient Persian with the time being roughly 6th Century BC ?
4th Century BC. With Persia, the Persian wars and Ancient
Greece being areas of interest during this time period.

Blues, wine/burgundy, off white/cr?me, baby pink or rose,
burgundy w/gold, prefers natural gold colors over yellows


Natural fabrics, linen, silk, etc

Symbol Preference
Mermaid with Trident

Shiny and delicate, sometimes with bells, jewels
or other fun decorations. No preferences as to color or jewels.

Food for Her Majesty’s Steed (Gas cards), Dance Belts,
Scarves, Belt Bags/Pouches, Pillows, Coffee Table/Research Books,
Period costuming books with pictures, Asian Influenced Items.

Personalized Items such as: Wood Tourney Bench,
Wood Bed (prefers easily portable or multifunctional), Tourney Box, Chairs

Favorite flowers are Gaebra & Daisys. As They will be traveling
frequently she would prefer gifts that help make these visits possible.




Per chevron azure and purpure, a mermaid proper crined
sable maintaining a shield and sustaining a trident Or


Their Majesties welcome hand-made gifts from the artisans of the realm. They appreciate the thought put into all of the presentations made by the populace but They have a few small requests:

  • Except for the Tournament of Roses Challenge, Her Majesty asks that you keep the gifts of flowers to a minimum. She usually does not have enough time to get the flowers to a place where they can survive to do their beauty justice and trying to transport several vases full of water and oddly balanced arrangements can lead to a big mess in Their royal coach.
  • Also, please try to avoid presenting gifts in baskets, unless, of course, they are hand-made and part of the presentation. The baskets are very nice but they are also very difficult to transport home.
  • Finally, if you wish to present something to Their Royal Majesties, and it is not a hand-made item or demonstration of your talents, please consider things that will make it easier for Them during Their reign.Gifts of Gas cards will be especially appreciated as it will help Them attend more events and visit more of the populace during Their reign.

Hope to see you all at Estrella