Caid Royals - Archives

This is the archives of the Royals pages that have existed on the Caidan Web Site. For more complete history of the Royals of Caid you can visit the Caid Wiki.


Alexander & Tahira
Agrippa II & Bridget II
Oz & Marisa
Conrad III & A'isha II
Athanaric & Sigriðr
Mansur II & Eilidh II
Agrippa & Bridget
Conrad II & A'isha
Sven IV & Cassandra II
Mansur & Eilidh
Patrick II & Kara II
Sven III & Cassandra
Edward III & Mora III
Wilhelm & Thaleia
Conrad & Eleanor
Patrick & Kara
Edward II & Mora II
Sven II & Kolfinna II
Edward & Mora
Edric V & Faizeh II
Drogo & Iðuna
Edric IV & Faizeh
Sven & Kolfinna
King V & Chamayn II
Dietrich III & Adriana II
King IV & Chamayn

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