Caid Royals - Agrippa III & Dawid - Preferences & Wishes

HRH Agrippa Morris HRH Dawid Radzowycz
Per pale gules and sable, a castle argent and a bordure argent semy of caltrops sable Per chevron azure and argent, two fleurs-de-lys argent and a mullet of six points gules

Agrippa Dawid
Food Likes Charcuterie, cheese, savory items Charcuterie, cheese, savory items
Dislikes Processed foods Raisins and raspberries
Beverages Likes Adult beverages and fresh juices (not from concentrate) Water, coffee, tea, and most adult beverages
Dislikes Sodas Sodas
Culture Garb Many thanks to those generous gentles ​who would like to create garb for Agrippa and Dawid. Please communicate directly with the Heirs' Mistresses of the Wardrobe, Mistress Maria-Theresa and Mistress Caterucia for information on projects needing assistance.
Colors Red, Black and White (heraldic colors), Blue and White Blue and White (Caid Colors and heraldic colors)
Likes Good company and pleasant conversation Good company and pleasant conversation
Garb Their Highnesses joyfully welcome handcrafted items that can be gifted to members of the Populace and visiting Royals. If you would care to make something for this, please contact the Heirs' Largesse Coordinator to find out what is needed. We would also appreciate pre-paid gas cards which can be used to defray the cost of transporting the Royal Trailer.

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