Caid Royals - Wilhelm II & Tsyra - Preferences & Wishes

HRM Wilhelm Skallagrimsson HRM Tsyra tsheere Nanoup
Gules, a sheaf of three lightning bolts Or surmounted by a boar statant argent, in base the Roman numeral XXIII Or. Per pale argent and gules, an Egyptian sphinx couchant and in chief four feathers counterchanged gules and Or, a bordure dovetailed sable.


Greek pottery, pottery and trim with geometric shapes. Triangles. Anything with an edge. Protein

anything Egyptian, red, natural wood stuff


Carbs and drama

Tomatoes, onions, drama

Other Notes No food allergies for either of them or the kids. TRMs would like to keep it simple, Egyptian, Greek and Roman. Finger food no sit down meals please.

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