Caid Royals - Alexander & Tahira - Preferences & Wishes

HRH Alexander Hostilius of Caid HRH Tahira al-Fahida
Per chevron azure and gules, an elephant argent between three horseshoes open ends to center Or

Food Likes

Meat, Milk/ White Chocolate, Macadamia Nuts

Cheese, Meat, Spicy Foods, Crisp Fruits and veggies, nuts


Vegetable dishes, Dark Chocolate, Nuts in Desserts

All Melons, Soft/ Cooked fruits, pickles

Beverages Likes

Diet Pepsi, Coffee, Tea

Water, Black Tea (hot or iced), Cider


Bacon Cordial


Culture Garb Many thanks to those individuals that would like to create garb for Alexander and Tahira, these generous gentles should communicate directly with the Heirs' Royal Clothier, so that she may properly guide those generous individuals in greater detail (patterning, sizing, etc.).

Red, Black and Gold (heraldic colors), Blue and White

Red, black, gold, jewel tones , Blue and White (Caid Colors)


Four pointed stars, Swords, Knives, Books about Military History or Ancient/ Classical History (Roman, Greek)

Four pointed stars, elephants, fur, all things pink and sparkly!


Their Highnesses joyfully welcome handcrafted items that can be gifted to members of the Populace and visiting Royals. If you would care to make something for this, please contact the Heirs' Largesse Coordinator to find out what is needed.

Legend, boy, 9 years oldHero, boy, 11 years oldAlana, girl, 19 years old

Favorite colors: Red, black, green

Favorite colors: Red, black, purple

Favorite colors: Red, black, pink

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