Caid Royals - Conrad II & A'isha - Preferences & Wishes

Conrad and A'isha will be holding a 14th Century Western European court. As They wish to consistently "reignite The Dream," grow the Society, and encourage a joyful populace, They welcome personas spanning all SCA time periods and locales into Their court.

Gifts: Beyond fuel for the horses (gas cards) and 14th Century garb or materials for garb, Conrad and A'isha prefer gifts that They may redistribute to the populace or such things that are specifically made or inspired by Them.

Garb: All those who wish to gift or create garb for Conrad and A'isha should communicate directly with the Royal Clothier, Lady Medb Ingen Euchiud, so she may properly guide those generous individuals in greater detail (patterning, sizing, etc.).

Largesse: We look forward to distributing largesse to Our populace in recognition of those people who actively pursue a course to spark or reignite The Dream in others. In expectation that this will be the majority of the populace (and in recognition of the other roles of largesse), We will need plenty of largesse! As We are confident that the skilled artisans of Caid produce the best quality and most useful items in the Knowne World, We welcome you to display in this manner your talents and skills. Please direct your arts toward Our Royal Largesse Coordinator, along with a card detailing the artisan's name, location, and the name of the piece.

For those who are not craftspeople, We encourage you to dig through your stores of items: We request books, baskets, beads, trim, feast gear, armor, jewelry and art that you may not have a use for, but that would brighten another's day. Please direct these items (in gently loved condition) to the Royal Largesse Coordinator.

Scrolls/Award Cords: The kingdom is always in need of scrolls, that Our people may properly display the recognitions they have so greatly earned. To this end, We strongly encourage all to visit the College of Scribes' page, find or start a local Scriptorium or attend Traveling Scriptorium or Kingdom Scriptorium. The Kingdom is in need of calligraphers and simple illuminated capital letters and simple borders than can be used for scrolls. Once finished, please deliver them to the Scribe Amarius, Baroness Aliskye Rosel.

For those scribes whose skills extend themselves to producing entire works by hand, We ask that you contact the Scribe Amarius and volunteer your services to produce at least one such work during Our reign. Join the College of Scribes group here to ask questions.

Likewise, We need cords from which to hang the award medallions. We strongly desire to continue the traditions established by Our ancestors of having these cords from the hands of Our people. The Caid wiki award cords page gives full instructions on size and color for each type of cord.

Regalia: Any and all regalia that increases the pomp of Our lands is hereby requested: banners, banners, everywhere, hear this Our cry! Make a banner for yourself, make one for your canton, your shire, your barony, your kingdom, and fly them proudly.

HRM Conrad Breakring HRM A'isha bint Shamir
Argent, an annulet fracted on the dexter side sable Sable, an annulet suspended by three chains in pall throughout Or

Food Likes

is a weird food lover, so the more unique, strange or unusual, the better

Meats, salads, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts, olives, fish, eggs, pickles and pickled vegetables, spicy foods

is a bonafide foodie and cook herself, so she loves to try things other people have made

ANYTHING pumpkin, meats, salads, fresh fruit and vegetables, dark chocolate, nuts, olives, fish, fowl, eggs, dill pickles


GLUTEN INTOLERANT! Glutinous food gifts will be shared with the court

A high proportion of sugar or starch

GLUTEN INTOLERANT! Glutinous food gifts will be shared with the court

Sweet pickles, organ meats, a high proportion of sugar or starch, large portions

Beverages Likes

Matcha (hot or iced), kombucha, sparkling water, sekanjabin, still water

Irish whiskey, ciders, meads

ICED COFFEE (with stevia or Splenda and cream), hot espresso drinks (in the morning or when it's cold), iced tea, sekanjabin, still water

Good red wines, hippocras, ciders, high quality Scotch (sparingly)

Dislikes Soda, wheat or barley based beverages, blueberry mead; very rarely will drink sugared beverages Soda, wheat or barley based beverages; very rarely will drink sugared beverages
Scents Likes Nothing specifically Spicy, musky, cinnamon, cloves
Dislikes Vanilla or baked-goods-scents, fake florals
Culture Period 14th Century Western Europe

Styles: Cotehardies, houppelandes, hose, chausses, turnshoes, boots

Fabrics: silk, silk brocade, wool, linen

Colors: black & silver, teal, dark green, white, gold, burgundy

Styles: Cotehardies, houppelandes, sideless surcoats, hose, turnshoes

Fabrics: silk, silk brocade, wool, linen

Colors: black & gold, teal, dark green, white, silver, burgundy

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