Caid Royals - Edward II & Mora II - Pennsic War 2009

Their Royal Majesties Edward II and Mora II will be attending Pennsic and holding a Caidan Encampment. They encourage all Caidans to make the trek out to this grand war.

From Their Royal Majesties

Greetings, Caid! 

WAR is on the horizon --- ALWAYS --- and We Thank the Powers that Be that here in the SCA that is a Good Thing!

We greatly enjoyed the company and camaraderie of many Caidans at AnTir-West War and hope to have many more of you with Us when We journey to Pennsic. Caid will fight beside the MidRealm again this year; We have developed quite a friendship with the people of that Kingdom over the last several years, carrying through Gulf Wars and causing a contingent of their people to plan attendance at our own Great Western War. The West Kingdom and Lochac plan to join with us, so we should present a formidable force.

We look forward to your company, both on the field and off. We had such fun last year showing the entire Known World just how fantastic Our Kingdom is … We can't wait to do it again and to share it with all of you!

Long Live Caid!

Edward II and Mora II

King and Queen of Caid

Camping with Caid

If you are planning to camp with Caid you need to let Viscountess Lorissa know immediatly or post your intentions on the CaidToPennsic Yahoo Group.


Unto all artisans, craftspersons, gentles and nobles of Caid, from Riordan MacGregor, greetings and salutations.  Dear cousins and friends:

It is my honour and pleasure to assist Their Royal Majesties Edward and Mora with the assembling of largesse for Their travels.  Pennsic approaches, a wonderful opportunity to showcase the many talented artists of which Caid may boast.  My thanks to those of you who already have indicated interest in assisting with Pennsic largesse, and my invitation to those of you who would like to join us, to contact me directly at

Our Pennsic gifting partner this year is the kingdom of Lochac.  They have just held their Midwinter Coronation (in the Southern Hemisphere, after all), and as of this writing, particulars on Their Majesties Gabriel and Constanzia still may be found at the Royal Heirs page on the Lochac website:

A reminder that Their Majesties of Lochac will have less room in Their baggage train than do monarchs Whose travel to Pennsic is entirely earthbound.  Those of you yearning to do larger projects for royal largesse are welcome to stay in touch with me; Great Western War is still to come, and brings with it more opportunities to display Caid's prowess in the artistic arena as well as on the battlefield, as Their Majesties host Their Royal Cousins.

Thank you for your continuing kindness in these matters; you all are always so generous with your time and effort, with the fruits of your labour at workbench or forge or embroidery hoop.  Together surely we will demonstrate once again that Caid's artisans, like her warriors (and so many of you wear both mantles!) are second to none in the Known World.

In service to Their Royal Majesties Edward and Mora and to Caid, I remain yours faithfully --

--Riordan MacGregor

Caidan Court

Caid Royal Court at Pennsic, Friday Aug. 7th immediately following closing ceremonies  (8ish) at Caid Royal encampment.