Caid Royals - Sven II & Kolfinna II - Cleaning Up Your OP - A Royal Request

Greetings unto all Caidans and former Caidans,

Your King and Queen have a request for you.

We would like for you to take the time to check the Order of Precedence and make sure that all your awards are listed in the file under your current name. If you are an officer, please take the OP to your local council meeting and check on your local members. If you head a household please make sure that all your members are checked.

-Go to the OP web site at:

-Download the file and look up the name of the person (or previous names of the person).

-Email any corrections of names, missing awards, wrong dates, etc to the maintainer of the OP (whose email is listed on the OP web site).

Do it soon. Get as many members of the populace to do it soon.

We are spending major amounts of time double and triple checking if a person has that award before we give it to them. If you help us in this, we can spend more time socializing, fighting and relaxing with you, our most beloved populace. If you help us in this, we can make sure that members of our populace are correctly recognized with the awards they deserve. If you help us in this, we will be eternally grateful to you.

Please help us in this endeavor. Forward out please.

Sven II & Kolfinna II
King and Queen of Caid