Caid Royals - Sven & Kolfinna - Regalia Wishes

The Caidan Regalia is always in use, and from time to time it needs to be repaired or replaced. The list below is what We would like see done during Our reign. All items on this list need to be confirmed through Our Chamberlain.

New items

  • Banners, banners, banners! Need many new ones, the only good outdoor banners are the ones the Barony of Dun Or gifted.
  • Sturdy, compact travel Crown boxes for trips to Pennsic and other far away destinations.
  • Bids for new thrones. A multi year project, need to work with the Deputy Seneschal for Regalia.
  • Period lighting for Caid Royal encampment. Should be able to meet most of the requirements of camping in fire prone California.

Items to be upgraded or repaired

  • New Pavilion Poles need to be sanded down and stained. Thank you Darach!
  • Old Pavilion Walls need to have some of the the bottom ties checked and replaced.
  • Table cloths for tables need to be cleaned / repaired / replaced.
  • Throne covers (the backs with roses and dolphins) ties need to be replaced. Thank you Altavia!
  • Large Kingdom Shield Banner (use to be on top of pavilion) needs to be cleaned and the ties need repair.
  • Large Drinking Horn with Etched arms needs a new lip and end piece.