Caid Royals - Sven & Kolfinna - Spring Coronation 2006

Photos from Spring Coronation 2006. Photos courtesy of, and THL Kara the Twin.

TRH Sven & Kolfinna approach TRM Dirk & Chamayn

TRH Sven & Kolfinna kneel before TRM Dirk & Chamayn

TRM Dirk & Chamayn put the cloaks on TRH Sven & Kolfinna

HRM Dirk crowns HRH Sven

People of Caid, behold Sven, your undoubted King. LONG LIVE THE KING!

HRM Sven crowns Kolfinna

People of Caid, behold Kolfinna, your undoubted Queen. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

The new Royal Majesties

Guard Captain Augustine challenges the Chivalry.

Guard Alexander Kalidokos challanges the White Scarves.

TRM Sven and Kolfinna at feast

TRM Sven & Kolfinna dancing at the revel