Caid Royals - King IV & Chamayn - Wishes


There is to be NO ROSEMARY at any event at all. Please make certain that there is no rosemary present in any food, beverage, or gift prepared for or presented to Their Majesties. Thank you.

Their Majesties court is based on the conquests of Alexander the Great and his Persian Bride whom he wooed and won. Her Majesty would like to see the talents of the artisans of all the regions of this realm.


Information removed by request.

Lady Chamayn of Castile

Device: Per chevron azure and purpure, a mermaid proper crined sable maintaining a shield and sustaining a trident Or

Livery colors: Gold/Silver/Green

Favorite colors: Jewel tones, cool pastels, rose, cream, greens, blues

Recommendations to the Populace

Their Majesties request that the populace look carefully to find those individuals who have contributed to the Society for a long time, yet have not been recognized. Is there anyone out there that you assume has an Award of Arms or other award? Are you sure they have this award? Check the Order of Precedence and make a recommendation via the award recommendation link on the Caid Regnum Web Site

Toys for Tots Challenge

His Majesty would like each and every member of the populace to donate two or more toys to the Toys For Tots Program under the name of the Kingdom of Caid. This is not only to show the generosity and kindness of our populace, but also to beat the challenge issued by the Outlands at last Estrella Grand Court.

Honoring the Military Service Members

Her Majesty requests that all members of the populace who are not able to attend events in our great kingdom of Caid due to serving in the military of our great country be recognized. To do this, Her Majesty requests that if you know a friend or loved one that is unable to participate in events due to serving in the armed forces that you e-mail the member's SCA Title and Name, Mundane Name, and Branch of Service to Lady Crystalique, her Chief Lady in Waiting to add to the list to be read at Twelfth Night. This is to include any you wish to honor who are not with us because they were killed or are missing in action.


In Celebration of the talent of the Artisans and Craftspeople of Caid, Their Majesties have recognized the challenge issued by the Potters Guild of Caid to all other Guilds to provide 20 pieces of handcrafted largess. This challenge was recognized and the bar raised to include all Baronies, Shires, Cantons, Households, and Warbands. It is desired that each Barony and Shire of our Faire Kingdom should adopt a Kingdom of the Society for the express purpose of preparing a gift of largesse for TRMs to take with them on their various journeys around the Knowne World. Thus continuing the longstanding reputation of Our Kingdom's artisans and craftspeople as some of the most talented in the Knowne World.

Royal Regalia

If you are interested in contributing to the Royal Regalia, the goal for this reign is to yet again have Royal Scepters.

Chamayn Personal

Color Preferences: Navy, Wine, Burgundy, Black, off white, baby pink or rose, Jewel tones, cool pastels

Symbol Preference: Mermaid with Trident

Garb Preference: Middle Eastern (Ghawazee dress/coats, Turkish, Persian Coats); Dance Garb; Middle Eastern Shoes/Boots - Size 6 Women's (her size does vary, so if an artisan were to make shoes, she would like to be measured, please contact the Chamberlain).

Jewelry: Shiny and delicate, sometimes with tinklies or jinglies, sometimes with ooohs and aaaahhhs.

Accessories: Food for Her Majesty's Steed (Gas Cards), Dance Belts, Scarves, Belt Bags/Pouches, Pillows, Coffee Table/Research Books, Asian Influenced Items

Furnishings: Personalized Items such as: Wood Tourney Bench, Wood Bed, Tourney Box, Chairs

Dirk Personal

Color Preferences: Navy, Black, Burgundy/Wine, Hunter/Forest Green, Medium Brown

Symbol Preference: Dragon, Thor's Hammer

Armour: of Greek or Roman design, Armour/metal working tools; Armour stands.

Arms: Swords, Daggers, Spears, Axes, Maces, Lances, Shields, Weapon Stands/Racks.

Jewelry: Anything bronze in the Greek, Roman, or Norse time periods, carnelian or onyx gemstones

Garb: of Greek, Roman, Byzantine or Norse design; Tunics, Turkish coats; Greek/Roman Footwear - Size 11; Period Boots - Size 11.

Accessories: Food for His Majesty's Steed (Gas cards), Sling pouches, Coffee Table/Research Books

Furnishings: Personalized Tourney Tables, Tourney Chairs, Large Tourney Chests, Collapsable Wood with Cushions Viking Two Person Bench with High Back

Royal Persona's - Wish List

Being made aware of the lack of eunichs in this realm to carry a Royal Litter, their Majesties have revised their Royal Persona's Wish List. Should there prove to be a lack of any of the following, there may be another revision.

In order to carry the beautifully handcrafted gifts from the artisans of Caid to the Foreign Majesties in other kingdoms, their camels and elephants will most importantly need food to fuel them on their long journeys carrying heavy loads through deserts, over mountains and rivers, out of valleys and through forests.

Her Majesty so loves the populace that she shares the wealth of the kingdom with them whenever possible. Considering this, a delicately designed, adequately sized, yet light weight wooden Treasury Box from which to dispurse the precious metals and gems of Caid to be carried by a member of her court or guard. Additionally donations of gold and silver (wrapped candies) would be welcome to fill the Treasury Box.

His Majesty appreciates the fighters of this Kingdom and as such wishes that they be provided with food and water or other beverage whenever possible so that the fighters' strength may not be diminished by the heat of the sun, the cold of rain, or by the blow of an enemy.

Their Majesties (Her Majesty in particular) are very interested in any images of Their Royal likeness taken during their reign and request that they be made available to them if at all possible.

Their Majesties would like the undiscovered eunichs and handmaidens to get to work on the challenges mentioned above instead of tossing dead flowers in their path. This does not however eliminate the duty of the eunichs, handmaidens, and rest of the populace to volunteer or help out wherever necessary with waterbearing, constabling, heralding, scribing, autocrating, etc?

Food Likes/Dislikes


Likes: Sweets, fruits, chocolate, raw fruits and veggies, hot tea with honey, salads, ginger ale, Vanilla Coke, non-alcoholic sparkling cider, pasta

Dislikes: Spicy or acidy foods (like tomatoes), Melons, Peppermint.


Likes: Meat, cheese, coffee, vanilla coke

Dislikes: ROSEMARY. Do NOT use ROSEMARY in on or around anything at all.